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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, five of my FFs ~ friends that I have known since my childhood, thus known as FOREVER FRIENDS ~ traveled through Georgia and Alabama, arriving here on the sandy beaches of South Walton and Scenic 30-A just in time for a sunset over the bay. A sixth will join us later today. The other two have family vacations that will keep them from joining us...this time.
Yes, there are eight of us in all, graduating from Druid Hills High School, in Atlanta in 1976. When we are together, it is like stepping into a time machine because we see each other through thousands of shared memories.
And this morning, we have already power walked 4 miles, collected the "kitty", monies for the provisions, and stocked the pantry and frig. Our beach picnic is almost ready and the cooler is packed , so I better finish this up!
This group is linked by more than forty five years of experiences and memories, eight women from Decatur, Georgia. WE are a lesson in the power and lifelong benefits of friendship. We remind each other about important health appointments.
We commiserate, console one another about unique issues in our lives and we solve the problems of the world.
GIRLFRIENDS, and SISTERS, TOO, add so much to a life journey, whether they have been around for years like my special group of FFs, or they are a new addition in my life.
GIRLFRIENDS understand better than anyone else around.
YES, FFs are a gift I hope I will never take for granted.

I just read this aloud to this extraordinary group of girls....Have you told you your special girlfriend how much you care about her? Why not call, write, text, or email her today?

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