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Sunday, January 31, 2010


These past few days must be recorded in the memory bank! Our daughter and eleven of her college friends came for a visit with us in the North Georgia Mountains. This group of young people, along with three other 5o something couples, enjoyed a most incredible long stretch of hours. As I sit here in the quiet, my heart is overflowing with happiness and joy over how this time was spent and I am grateful to God for the blessing of life and living!
As I think about our daughter, I recall her saying how much we would like and enjoy these friends she was bringing home. She was right! These students were polite, gracious, helpful, and fun to have around.
As I sit here in this now serene setting, my mind wanders back to various seasons in our daughter's life... a laughing infant in my arms, a two year old running down River Street in Savannah feeding the pigeons, a six year old crying because she did not like the clothes she had to wear to school, an eleven year old tomboy, short hair, biking, climbing trees, loving life, a seventeen year old soccer player who is furious at her parents because we could not let her stay overnight at a party place that we considered undesirable, and presently a strong, beautiful, confident, friendly and smart young adult who brought home 11 friends for the weekend who appear to be on a good path to a truly bright future. Perhaps we are now experiencing some fruit of our labor as we have worked hard to be the kind of parents that I believe we are called to be.

"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart."

Author Unknown

I love you, Leah, and I thank our God for the gift you are in my life, and you were right, your friends are great people to know!