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Thursday, January 7, 2010


As a fifty-something woman, I clearly remember the day when we would be out running errands with Mom and she would stop in at the Gulf for a fill-up. Mr. Fitch, himself, the owner of Fitch's Gulf at the intersection of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road in Decatur, Georgia would come on out and greet us. While the petro poured into our tank, Mr. Fitch would always check Mama's oil, even if this service was not requested. Oh, and remember how our windshield would be spotless when we left after a fill-up?

Sure, the QT or Race Track on every corner sure is convenient, with the wide assortment of both drinks and snacks while your vehicle gets its fill, but still...remember the day!?!

And in the other room, as I sit here and type, our nearly 18 year old son is setting up and explaining our new IMAC. Wow, now that is one high-tech machine! When I was a teacher back in the 1980's, a few of my co-workers had a computer in his or her room, but I did not have one and certainly not every teacher's room had one! I had this friend, this co-teacher, named James, that was the "computer whiz" of our school. Everyone always sent for Mr. Reeves when there was a problem. Now, PC s operate with such ease, for the most part! Remember the day!?!

Do you still find yourself saying "roll down the car window", or "dial that phone number for me"?
I do! Remember the day!?!

One nice thing about the fantastic fifties is seeing all the changes that have taken place since our generation moved into adulthood. What do you enjoy remembering about days gone by?


  1. Older than yourself, Joan, I remember how the hired hands and the family, all of us would gather around the radio on a Sunday evening, listen to Jack Benny Show, Fred Allen, and one Sunday night, the announcement of the destruction of our US Navy and installations at Pearl Harbor.

    (Joan, you asked!) That was first thing which came to my mind.

    I like your blog, and became a follower today. Please visit mine also (although today's is extra lengthy--but try it!

  2. All that checking of the oil. And now it's only checked if a light comes on. I'm a follower.

  3. HI Steve,
    Thanks for following!
    Before you even had a chance to comment here, I had been reading your 3-part HERMIT series...INCREDIBLE! I am truly glad you were spared so that you could impart the wisdom learned from your experiences to all of your peeps!
    I would love to ask you a question if you could email me at

  4. Thanks, Madison! I have really enjoyed reading your posts today!