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Thursday, August 13, 2009


"WE are always getting ready to live but never living." Ralph Waldo Emerson

My last post triggered a phone call from one of my buddies checking in on me to see how I was doing.
That was a great comfort to just let it all spill out and squarely tell her know how I really felt!

As a 50 something woman, I am realizing more than ever how imperative it is to unmistakably be my true self, disposing of the mask at every turn. Transparency is something that is common with me in my interactions with others, and I like it that way!
The only warning I would share that was given to me by a close friend years ago is to be cautious and prayerful about WHOM you decide to disclose WHAT to. Other than that, just be! It is a very freeing concept to take each day as it comes and take in the moments, relishing the positive, and allowing the negative to roll off my shoulders.

Another very cool thing about living a life that is real and transparent is that it gives those in your sphere of influence "permission" to do the same thing.
My husband's response to my most recent post was very simply:
"I have days that I feel that exact same way...blase!"

And so it goes...
...another favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson states the truth of this much better than I ever could!

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."
(R.W.E. May 25, 1803~April 27, 1882)

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  1. It is work this journey of ours, but as we have been told, we are figuring it out. L3