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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have you ever woken up and found yourself feeling a bit discouraged and not quite sure why? That is how I felt yesterday and even after a good fitness workout, the blase feeling continued...What was it? I could not quite put my finger on it...
I casually mentioned it to my husband and that helped ease it a little.

Still, I awakened this morning with a similar weightyness on my shoulders...What was it?

Was it that our last-born was starting his senior year of high school, the truth that another summer (the season of fun and flexibility) had come and gone, the thought that so many of my close friends are busy with their full or part-time jobs, missing my Mama and others that have gone on ahead of me, or could it even be that the personal stories of the ladies I have been ministering to at a nearby Recovery Center were bringing me down??? Or perhaps it was a combination of all of the above.

Regardless of the reason, this blog is a reminder to myself and to all who will read it that we do not have to walk this road alone, nor were we meant to!

To move forward, out of my dismal view of things, I did three things and together, they helped me so much...

(1) I journaled, read and meditated on the Bible, specifically, Proverbs 11 for today, August 11th. V. 25, 30 were particularly meaningful to me. I also read devotions from Oswald Chamber's MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST and THE SEEKING HEART By, Fenelon (p. 124-125 REST IN GOD and p. 177 ONE THING NEEDED)

(2) I prayed and sought God, the Most High.
and last, but certainly, not least,

(3) I called a precious friend that I have known for 33 years since my freshman year in college. Susan and I are like-minded in that we both want to follow after God, and we both cherish our family, friends and FAITH! Talking to Susan who lives four hours away made all the difference in my day, in my attitude and in my future viewpoint. That is what close girlfriends do...they change our approach to life.
Thanks, Susan, for being there for me today!

We are not meant to walk this road alone...and when we try to walk alone, it can be very disheartening!

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  1. Joan, Your blog really caught my attention today because I'm feeling the exact same way. Can't put my finger on the reason, either. Thanks for the words of encouragement.