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Sunday, May 17, 2009


A good friend and I were chatting on his front porch a couple of days ago and he was letting me know that his mother's cancer had spread and she does not have long. He and I talked about what kind of Mama she had been and I cannot get what he said to me out of my mind...he said: ~
"When my mother reaches the gates of heaven, she will hear the words...
'You got it right'."
While my friend elaborated very ittle about what exactly he meant by this, I knew without a doubt what he was saying to me...

His mother made sure to ~~~~LOVE WELL ~~~LAUGH OFTEN and LOVE MUCH~~~~

I want to get it right, too! Don't you!?!


  1. Yes, I do. I hope his mother knows that he feels that way.

  2. I sure do want to get it right! It sounds so easy, but we all struggle with it. This is a good reminder. I'm going to try better.