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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Someone once said that today is the first day of the rest of your life. I think that is a grand way to begin this blog because at the age of 50 +, it is important to remember that each day matters and go forward with that thought. My 50th birthday was celebrated 323 days ago and I am happy to say that I am now a different person than I was on my birthday, August 1, 2008. I have finally lost the 20 + pounds that I have been trying to lose for about 17 years, since my son's birth back in 1992! NOW, do not misunderstand by thinking that the weight loss has made me a different person. It is my "thinking" that has made me different. It is the fact that I have chosen to put myself up as a priority in my life, making time for workouts and planning good, healthy things to eat.
NO, this is not about that! This is not about exercise or food.
It is about women and how we are incredible care takers, but we somehow forget to care for ourselves.
THAT is what this is about.
I hope that in posting this thought that more women, younger and older than 50 will begin to care enough about themselves that they will put themselves on their "to do"list!


  1. This is an excellent blog post. Women over the age of 50 are in a particularly awkward time of life. Most of our husbands are still deeply involved in careers, but we are still trying to find our place now that our children are either gone, or need us less. It's a natural stage, but most of us need a little understanding sometimes and a sense of community.

    Thanks for visiting my blog -

  2. I retired at 50. For Christmas this year, by best friend gave me a spa kit... neck pillow, hot/cold eye mask, pad & long wrap. She said I am always taking care of everyone else and it was time I took care of myself. I recently joined Curves and am hoping to get back in shape.

    I too am fairly new around here. I'm looking forward to your 2nd post!

  3. I think you and I both started our first blog at the exact same time. I'm still trying to navigate my way through it all. We have a lot in common. I'm also 51. And you are right, we have become caretakers of others and it can become easy to not take care of ourselves.

  4. Very good post indeed. Speaking about myself, beginning 50, a new phase has began for me after going through a massive burnout. I see life with new eyes ... Looking forward to your new posts.

  5. I'm new to this blogging, just learning. Somehow I ran across your blog and enjoyed it so much. I'm over 50, but I have such a different life than you do. It's so nice to see a woman our age be so happy in a marriage. As you can see from my blog it's a bit different than your life. Looking forward to future posts. No pressure!

  6. that is a lovely thought. I never thought of it in that way. Thanks for sharing