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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inspiration in Your Path

Have you ever stopped and considered one or more quotes that resonate with you...that really get
                                                                    your heart moving?

I have found that it is helpful to me 
to have daily inspiration 
 in my path.
~Some of our children's artwork in our garage.~

 ~An inspirational quote plaque made by my friend, Jane Ellen~                                                                   

This is easy to accomplish by placing posters, quote plaques,

 favorite photos, or artwork in places where you will see them

as you journey through your your laundry area, your

garage, your closet space, or wherever else you know you

will walk by and see it on a regular basis.

~My friend, Kay, who lives in Tennessee made this to greet her guests when they visit her home.~

~This one was completed by my friend, Debby in Dalton, Georgia, for her high school classroom.~

~These here are hung in my girlfriend, Kelly's 
garden shed in Virginia where she will see them often.~

~This poster hangs in our garage.  I love the bright green and it's such a good reminder!~

This is a little gift

you can give yourself without much effort.  

Simply google 

"quotes about _________",  and get started by typing and then 

printing a word document of a favorite quote you find that 

speaks to your heart.  

Then be on the lookout for more thoughts you can add to the 

                                  inspiration in your path.

When you have a little time on your hands, you might want to 

                      purchase an art canvas or a small board

                      from your local home improvement store, 

                                                       and paint or write a favorite quote 
                                                                          as seen here.


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