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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay, here I go again! My last published entry on this blog was January 31, 2010 and I have covered a lot of ground since that day. I am certain that you have, too!
Now it is November 4, 2010...276 days later and I am reminded how quickly the moments, the days, the months fly during this season of my life.
Since my last post, our son made a decision to go to a college far from home and our daughter began her senior year at a university nearby.
That leaves my husband of 28 years and I in an infamous "empty nest". I have been enjoying some substitute teaching in addition to my ministry projects that I take care of as they arise.
What about you??? Has your 2010 flown by, as well?
I trust that as you ponder the details of your year that your heart is content. I continue to be convinced that the three things that matter most are...