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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today would have been a perfect day to stay in and nap,
get the laundry done, read the paper, and then nap some more.

The rain came down steady all day long.

If all these umbrellas had stayed inside out of the rain,
an awful lot of folks would have missed out on a huge blessing.

Many came to a church near my home to worship and fellowship with other believers. This church is not where my family usually attends, but I went there to participate in the joyous occasion of two young ladies' baptism. These two special girls reside in the recovery center where I find myself volunteering weekly. When we left the church after the baptism followed by a cake and punch reception, I could not help but notice the piles of umbrellas at each exterior door.
I opened my own umbrella and posed it for this picture.

I have always liked sunflowers, but became especially fond of them after Mama's funeral service on October 26, 2006. My brothers and sisters and I decided that only bright primary colors would do for our Mother's cascade of flowers and the florist chose lots of sunflowers to complement the other flowers in the arrangement.
Sunflowers...yes, Mama had such a sunny personality!
And so after that day, I determined that sunflowers were my favorites, even more so than roses and daisies, some of my other best-loved flowers. So, that explains the sunflower umbrella that protected me from the rain today. Even when the rain pours and pours, it reminds me as Annie sang that "The sun'll come out tomorrow, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, come what may.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away!"

Actually, when we were in this church celebrating the baptism of these two girls, it was as though the sun was shining brighter than ever.
Perhaps that is because the SON was shining and his name was being glorified.
Often joyful circumstances can do that
no matter what the weather may be .
Here is the delicious cake that was enjoyed by the friends and family that came to witness the baptisms.
Yes, a sunny celebration can bring joy to a rainy day any day of the week, month, or year!

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