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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been a part of a small Bible Study in a dear friend's home for the past several years. In this intimate setting, we help each other stay connected to God in our day-to-day lives, a strong desire of each one of us as we study together on Tuesday mornings.
Back on 11~9~04, our friend, Donna exclaimed:
"Ladies, we must live
like we have gas in the car!"
"Yes!", added Sara, our group facilitator,
"Let's live the raised life."
To me, these phrases mean to live as though we know and understand the truth of the gospel. To me, this also means to live as though we are, in fact, filled up with the Holy Spirit as we live out our days. Even though nearly five years has passed since this remark was made in Sara's home, I still find myself thinking about it and desiring a life
that is lived as though I have gas in the car.
I have this phrase noted in my Bible near 1 Corinthians 6 and
read it every time I am there in that part of the Bible.
Back on May 23, 2009 I posted a blog entitled MAKE A NOTATION as I referenced how much I enjoyed coming across notations that my dear Mama had made when she was here with us.
As a 50 something woman, this notation in my Bible is another great example of how a few written words can remind us and empower us to live our best life.
Another year has come and gone since my dear Mama's passing and as in every year since her passing, I am looking for a creative way to celebrate her memory. This year it is a pictorial, laminated bookmark for my dad, my three sisters, my two brothers and myself. It has a total of 19 poses of sweet to look at and recall her love, her laughter, her zest for life. In addition to the bookmark, this year, I am also copying a Eugenia Price devotion entitled
"To Be Peaceful".
You see, on 6-8-93, Mama made a notation on this
devotion as she read and underlined several parts of it.

Yes, Mama understood how to have PEACE while on this earth.

Yes, Mama lived like she had gas in her car!


  1. What a wonderful, inspiration sentiment. I needed to read this today!

    Thank you,

  2. Thanks, Laura...glad it was a helpful word!

  3. Joan, appreciated your visit. Thank you for sharing such a similar story with having to gas up on the Holy Spirit. That is lead-free. Or I should say, He Is Lead-ing!