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Monday, August 3, 2009


When we visited Kiawah Island, South Carolina recently, we had a lovely villa a few blocks away from the coast. On a bike, we could reach the surf in less than ten minutes.

After our workouts in the nearby gym, we would hop on our rental bikes, with a back pack and a beach chair balanced on the handlebar as we rode. As we ventured closer to the beach, we would encounter several narrow boardwalks, most more suitable for one-way traffic, not two.

One morning, as I made my way, steadily to the sand, I was having a little trouble guiding my bike across a limited way. A woman, who looked to be a 50 something woman like me was walking towards me on the boardwalk. She observed my difficulty and smiled, stating three simple words: "This can be tricky."

Before I met this "friend" along the way, I was struggling, believing that surely others did not have this much difficulty and why was I not strong enough to make this journey happen more smoothly? Everything changed in my approach, my attitude, after hearing her brief, but encouraging message to me.

As we journey through our days, let's be on the lookout for women like ourselves who might be having a little trouble, who might need a helping word or deed. Let us travel this journey together, not alone.

Like this nameless woman on a boardwalk in South Carolina, you, too, could make a change in someone's day.

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  1. I love this sentiment. Thank you so much for the reminder.