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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The news is bad today..."Computer malfunction suspected in D.C. crash", Protest, crackdown in Iran", a local family's vacation ends in tragedy just hours from home when their son dies and mom is critically wounded in a one-car accident, and on a more personal note, today marks one year since our nephew, Brad's tragic fall. Yes, the news is tough to hear especially when you look around and see the continued signs of a failing economy everywhere you look.

And yet, as a 50 something woman, I feel this strong sense to remain hopeful for the future of one and all, this urgency for purpose in my days, reminding myself and others that our God is in the details of our days. It is up to us to trust Him and remain hopeful, even amidst uncertain times.

"Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent." ~Jean Kerr~

"Deep within you...nothing is hopeless. You are a child of God, and hope has been planted in you by God." ~Norman Vincent Peale~

"Nothing can be done without hope or confidence." ~Helen Keller~

Even as long ago as 600-400 B.C., when the book of Job was thought to be scribed, Job, himself lamented to God in Job 14:1-5 because life as Job knew it had become so bad, quite hopeless, one might say.

I want to "...apply my heart to instruction and my ears to words of knowledge."
Proverbs 23:12

I desire to "Listen, and be wise and keep my heart on the right path."
Proverbs 23:19

I long to "...apply my heart to all that I have observed and learn lessons from all I have seen." Proverbs 25:32

Yes...PURPOSE as I live out my days has become a real PRIORITY...and remaining HOPEFUL in trying times is a real PRIORITY, as well.

Therefore, "In all our ways, let us acknowledge Him, and He WILL direct our paths."
Proverbs 3:6

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  1. Staying focused is all-important, especially when we don't feel like it. Sorry about your nephew.