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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday, I met one of my best buddies at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, just minutes from the homes we have raised our families in.
This park has eighteen miles of maintained interpretive hiking trails, ideal picnic areas and a 1.25 mountain road that is also suitable for strenuous fitness.

As we hiked, we talked about how important it is to have balance in our lives. We agreed that as we let our life shine for God, our testimony can sparkle even brighter with moderation in all things.

These questions regarding balance can mean some of the same things to each of us...

"Am I getting enough exercise?"
"Is there enough "ME TIME" in my week?"
(i.e. a break for a bubble bath or an occasion to spend an hour reading a novel)
"Am I spending plenty of quality time with my children/grandchildren?"
"Do I take time out to spend time communing with and seeking God each day?"
FILL IN THE BLANK____________________ with your usual balance questions.

More likely, the details of our eagerness for steadfastness will be as varied as are different humans in this world. Your struggle or challenge to maintain balance may be poles apart from mine. However, one cool thing about God is that He is aware of and in the business of aiding us in our longing to gain balance in our lives.

As my girlfriend and I reached the crest of the trail , we gazed out over the splendid view from the top, stopping to rest for a moment before heading down the
1 1/4 mile mountain road.

It was then that I remembered something I had read recently about this very spot we were standing on...

"It was a swelteringly hot and clear Monday, June 27, 1864, when some of the heaviest fighting of the Atlanta Campaign occurred here. Preserved are historic earthworks, cannon emplacements and monuments. Interpreted here are the historic events where over 5,350 soldiers were killed in the battle fought here from
June 19, 1864 through July 2, 1864." (taken from

Yes, this life is the real thing. This is not a dress rehearsal.
Let's all be on the lookout to create more balance in our days.

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  1. What an important message.
    I needed to read that.
    Thank you,