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Friday, June 5, 2009


Today was a pleasing day as I got to begin it by meeting 3 of my best local buddies to hike the trails at our local National Park. We like to say this time together is good for our bodies, but even better for our hearts and our minds. We get to "solve the problems of our world"! We share the goings and comings of our families with one another. This is surely excellent group therapy! All three of my friends have at least one daughter in their life, as do I. This got me thinking about the young ladies who are in our sphere of influence. I challenged myself, as a 50 something woman, just as I desire to continue growing, how can I encourage my daughter, her friends, my nieces, and the many other young girls in my life to grow, as well?

One of my many beautiful nieces is an international medical missionary. We have a local lunch spot that we always go to when she is in town. This has become a favorite turf for us because we eat upstairs where we can look over the square of our town.
WE always talk and talk and talk. We share our hearts with one another. It was today at lunch that I was expressing a new direction for this blog...positively influencing the young women that are in our homes and in our path. It is this niece that has been journaling for many years, in part, because her Aunt Joan encouraged her to begin her own journal back when she was in high school. During our meal together, she stated that she had read a statement that illustrates this idea:

As a 50 something woman, I want to live on purpose, giving, encouraging, loving, and laughing with the young women God puts in my path. Don't misunderstand! It is also vitally important to likewise impact our young men. However, because I am a woman who has lived for 50 something years, conceivably, I have a bit of wisdom to impart. I want to live out my days in such a way that I purposefully impact these girls to grow.
How about you? Which young woman might you be thinking of that could use a boost of confidence, an "Attagirl!" from you today?


  1. I love this!! What a terrific idea and post. Our young women need older women to mentor, help, encourage and celebrate. And we need them for the very same reasons!

  2. That's a big part of why Grand #2 is here for the summer. She is a troubled child and I hope to make a huge difference. Someday down the road I know it will pay just as huge!