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Saturday, May 23, 2009


One of the things I love to do when I have a few minutes is to peruse a cookbook or some other book that I know for sure my Mama held in her hands at one time or another.
My Mama was really good about having a pen in hand whenever she opened a book, whether it was her Bible, a favorite cookbook, or an inspirational read. I love finding a notation in her own unique handwriting. Often, along with her note would be a date as well as her initials, indicating that "I was here, in this book, on this day and here you will read my very thoughts about what I was reading."
The written remarks are mostly brief..."delicious! perfect for a crowd" or " I want to do this more," she might have written next to a devotion that spoke to her heart on a particular day.
I, as a 50 something woman, have developed this same habit and I love it! I enjoy using a dictionary (or!) to look up words that I might run across in a devotion, not because I have no idea what they mean, but because I want to have a greater understanding of how the writer intended to use that particular word to get his/her message across. I nearly ALWAYS date and name the event that I took the time to prepare a special recipe for. It is fun to look back, and remember those times when we sat around the table laughing, loving and yes, enjoying that favorite recipe!
And, my Bible is full of dates and thoughts and notes that I have dashed off through the years. These, too, bring back fond memories of days gone by...a baby dedication, a particularly inspiring message from the pulpit, a date for my reading of one chapter PROVERBS each day. These notes remind me that I am on the right and best path for me at this time.
Just as my mother took the time to make her notations along her life journey, I want to give this gift to my children and grandchildren, as well. I want them to read a jotted note by me, smile, and say : "That was important to my MOM on that day!"
How about you....what notation will you make today?

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  1. My favorite Bible is full of notes in the margins. I never thought about noting the dinner parties in the cookbooks. Lovely idea.