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Monday, May 11, 2009


I started on a three week journey yesterday. For the next three weeks, I am planning to destroy a habit that has burndened me for some time. While I do not plan to specifically name this habit, nor do I expect you to name yours, I hope in reading this you, too, will be encouraged to overcome a habit that has been a burden for you.

A good friend of mine recently said it like this: "You know the difference between freedom and slavery...if a particular action on your part does not give you the feeling of freedom, therein may lie your problem."

As 50 something woman, or actually, any age, man or woman, we can ALL begin to conquer habits that imprison us...Let's start today!

Here's how to replace bad, old habits with good ones-a simple plan to change your life. I really don't remember how or when I heard that it takes just three weeks to form a good habit. The initial few days of the three weeks, you may very well expect to be miserable as you attempt to gain victory over a habit that has been with you for sometime... YOU may even feel that this is an impossible undertaking. As time marches on, and you mark each successful day off the calendar for the next three weeks, you will begin to feel like a true winner! YOU will experience empowerment! YOU will see a change in yourself that you will appreciate and love!
YOUR habit that you choose to rid yourself of can be a physical one...
"I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.",
"I want to floss daily."
a relational one..."I want to be more positive and encouraging, less critical to my child/spouse.",
"I want to stop with the negative self-talk." or
_______________________________FILL IN THE BLANK
with the habit that has kept you imprisoned...YOU know what it is!

Yesterday was DAY ONE for me...Will today or tomorrow be DAY ONE for you?
Let's destroy our bad habits together one at a time!
AS we journey through our days, we can release the burdens of a lifetime of bad habits... just one day at a time...WE can help ourselves to become better people by plugging away at particular areas of our lives. WE can review each week the GOOD habits we've managed to acquire to avoid falling back into old patterns. The best part of this is that the aforementioned experience can give us the confidence to see that we can reform ANYTHING we want to refine about ourselves by PERSISTING for three weeks! Let's start today!
(Note: information taken from a Reader's Digest article by, Anya Bateman, September 1983)


  1. I'm with you. I have one in mind. I'll start tomorrow.

  2. Yes! It is nice to have a buddy to journey through the 3 weeks with!