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Friday, April 17, 2009


Last Christmas, one of the main things I wanted for a gift was a new pair of walking shoes. In the midst of my weight loss journey, I had worn the tread off of my old ones.
Opening this gift on Christmas morning was wonderful! Later after the tree was done and wrapping paper was everywhere, I decided to go work out on the treadmill. The cool part of this was that in my whole life, I had never even thought about working out on Christmas Day. In the past, the day was filled with food preparation, gifts, family, perhaps a nap after a huge feast.
However, Christmas Day 2008 was different because I decided to give myself a present! The gift to myself was to take time out for a good, calorie-burning workout. And I did it!
Since then, whenver I take time out to work out in some way, I always consider it a present to myself. How about you? Have you given yourself a gift lately?
Remember that consistently doing some type of exercise is more important than the type or amount of exercise.

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  1. I love walking, and walk a 2-mile route several times a week. I agree, it always feels like a gift, contemplative, as I step away from routine and chores and connect with the outdoors, sunshine, nature, peace. Many happy walks to you!